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Pattern Bomber Jacket (No. PBG002)

Price: £ 17.00 / Item

Description: A bomber jacket designed to be worn over a light jumper or a shirt, it is fully lined. Ribbing neatly finishes off the sleeves and the hem. The collar comes in two versions. The first one sticks to the varsity jacket codes and has a ribbed collar. The second one has a spread collar that can be reinterpreted and applied in different styles. In both cases the metal zip and the shoulderpocket gives it a undeniable urban touch. Its design allows for a whole range of fabric, such as wool, suede or even cotton. With its simple and fitted cut it will soon become Monsieur’s favorite ! Only one golden rule : Have Fun !

This is a full size pattern, ready to cut or trace from size XS to XXL. Carefully protected in its reusable transparent folder.

Seam allowances are not included.


©2006 Doig
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