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Pattern Vortex T-Shirt (No. TAM002)

Price: £ 12.50 / Item

Description: Dress your little one (age 3-12) and their teddy in their matching outfits, designed by teddyand.me, made unique by you and ready for fun times adventuring together.

With this sewing pattern you can create this funky twist on a raglan sleeve tshirt. Designed for you to sew on a standard sewing machine, or an overlocker/serger. You can use any ‘tshirt weight’ jersey fabrics, however the patchwork ‘vortex’ uses fusible interfacing to stabilise the fabrics so you can mix weights, patterns and textures here.

This pattern has been especially designed to encourage you to upcycle old tshirts loitering at the back of your wardrobe or charity shop finds and the ‘vortex’ motif is a great scrap buster helping you put all those perfect little pieces of jersey and stretch material to great use.

Remember, whatever fabric combination you choose will make your shirt unique to you. Embrace your creativity, go wild and make your very own.


©2006 Doig
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