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Pattern Make Teddy (No. TAM001)

Price: £ 10.00 / Item

Description: With this sewing pattern create a very special BFF (Best Friend Forever) for your little one, give teddy a name and encourage them to start their adventures together.

Teddy is designed for you to sew on a standard sewing machine. I like to use an upholstery weight plain calico for the body, with a ‘feature’ fabric for the ears and paws or you could choose a cute cotton print or quilting cotton.

Small pattern pieces make this project a great scrap buster. You can even make teddy from fabric remnants or old clothes, creating your own totally unique memory bear.

It is possible to sew teddy by hand, wool felt works best, simply adjust the seam allowances depending upon your construction method.

Remember, whatever fabric you choose will make your teddy unique to you and your adventure.


©2006 Doig
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