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Pattern trouser FELIZITAS£1.99 (No. MMU014)

Price: £ 1.99 / Item

Description: Was £8.50, now only £1.99! FELIZITAS is a pattern for girls, dolls as well as for boys in sizes 80/86 to 152/158. The pattern includes a number of little details and offers various possibilities to combine the pattern parts:

- Both parts of the trousers may be combined symmetrically or asymmetrically by using three entirely different pockets and / or lower parts.
- You may embellish all models by way of ribbons, flowers, appliqués, as desired. We recommend using different types of fabrics which adds to the brightness and the appeal of the trousers.
- You may, however, also use fabrics of one colour such as denim, corduroy or poplin while sewing with contrasting threads.
- FELICITAS may be sewn as trousers with long or with three-quarter legs
- The pattern includes four different types of pockets.
Seam allowance is included in the pattern.

Design examples and further information about the pattern can be found here


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